Research Sector

The Research Sector (RS) is an integral component of the Office of Vice President for Research (OVPR). Established in 1979, RS is mandated to promote, support and sustain the development of scientific research, a key pillar of Kuwait University’s (KU) vision alongside academics, for advancing institutional research towards global dimensions, through quality, competence and excellence in faculty research. The fundamental basis for developing a system that renders support, facilities and environment for advanced and innovative research is inherent in this overriding purpose, encouraging faculties to pursue high quality basic, applied and humanities research that yields new knowledge and leads to discovery.


The essence of RS policies, principles and programs revolve around the realization of this mission by engaging faculties in creative, empirical, investigative, experimental and collaborative studies for addressing scientific complexities and contemporary challenges within the framework of grant support rules and regulations, generating outputs of potential significance and impact for national needs and priorities, and holding strategic scientific, social and economic value. RS current strategy is driven towards creating a vibrant scientific culture at KU that nurtures the values of quality, integrity and excellence in institutional research, and leads to distinguished, internationally credible outputs. Embedded in this strategy are the dynamics of RS mission, geared to advancing institutional potentials, calibre, and capabilities towards excellence, a mission committed to scientific advancement and realization of institutional global aspirations.



1.Circular on Expenditure Requests For Fiscal Year 2016/2017

Requests arriving after 24/03/2016 will not be Processed.


Kindly note that the annual circular issued by  the Ministry of Finance, concerning the closure of fiscal year accounts of government sectors necessitates clearance of all pending petty cash requests before the end of the working day 15/12/2016 and completing all settlements before 12/01/2017 of the fiscal year ending on  March 31, 2017.


2. Alerting Researchers on procedural requirement for Purchase of consumables through KU Stores Department

All researchers, with budget allocated for purchase of consumables, are urged to implement procedures outlined by the Stores Department when submitting their purchase requests.


These procedures require identifying code number(s) for all items to be purchased, as mentioned in the “Items Guide,” available on the Website of the Store’s Affairs Administration. (


These codes must be clearly specified when filling the application requesting purchase of item(s) from the Store.


Adhering to the above instructions greatly facilitates and streamlines the processing of purchase request and delivery of the ordered item(s) to the researchers.

Regrettably, purchase orders devoid of the item codes could lead to undue delay in the purchase and delivery of the needed consumables and items requested.


Funding opportunities for collaborative research with Kuwait-MIT Center

The Kuwait-MIT Center for Natural Resources and the Environment (CNRE) invites you to submit collaborative funding proposals in the areas of:

· Water
· Engineered Surfaces for Management of Dust and Corrosion in Structures more...


Coding for RS Storage System in Oracle

Unifying names of Chemicals, Glasses and Consumables

The special coding to be used in RS Storage System. The system is aimed at facilitating researchers in using the special codes in their purchase orders:


Chemicals & Reagents starting from 65051000001
Glassware starting from 66301000001
Consumables starting from 66951000001


CD for Chemicals/Supplies List with Codes


University Council approves continuity of research rewards for ‘high impact’ funded and unfunded published research more...


Accessing Refereed Journals & Ascertaining Impact Factor more...


RS announces the Implementation of Postdoctoral Fellowship Program



RS establishes of Research Chair program at KU



Priority Research Areas

RS implements the new areas of priority research

1. Renewable and Alternative Energy Resources.
2. Water Resources, Management and Technology.
3. Enhanced Oil Recovery and Heavy Oil Exploration and Production.
4. Impact of Environmental Pollution in Kuwait (Including Health Impacts).
5. Causes, Risk Factors and Bio-Predictors of Cardiovascular Diseases.
6. Diabetes and Cancer.
7. Contemporary Social Phenomena in the Kuwaiti Society.
8. Transportation Problems and Solutions.
9. Food and Water Security.
10. National Information Security and E-Government.
11. Citizenship and National Unity.
12. Education Curricula and its Outputs.
13. The Strategy of Kuwait’s Transformation to a Financial and Commercial Center.
14. Participation of Private Sector in Developmental Programs.
15. Islamic and Arabic Literature.


RS News

Vice President for Research receives visiting delegation from IMEC


Research Sector receives a visiting delegation from Cranfield University, UK


OVPR’s executive team visits faculty of Science for an interactive session with the researchers in an atmosphere of cordiality, scientific openness and exchange of views


RS announces winners of Scientific Posters Day events for Humanities & Sciences faculties, academic year 2015/16


Research Rewards Winners