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Research Sector is responsible for:

  •  Defining research policy,  setting bylaws for research support rules & regulations, streamlining research implementation procedures, and specifying requirements for research evaluation,  productivity  and quality. 
  • Providing grant support to faculties for pursuing projects that are  original, scientifically sound and relevant to Kuwait, Gulf and the Region.
  • Encouraging,  advancing and awarding Graduate Students Research.
  • Facilitating research implementation through resource support in line with current regulations, and expediting research processing through online procedures.
  • Inducing transparency in grant awards process,  and providing access to researchers to self-monitor the progress of their projects through research portal facility.
  • Initiating new programs, encouraging  priorities,  and promoting scientific visibility  by involving faculties in organizing Poster Day events for displaying faculty researchers accomplishments in an interactive environment that nurtures innovation, sharing of   interests and  initiation of joint research.
  • Developing alliances and partnerships with external institutions for collaborative research, investing research outputs, facilitating Patent Registration,  encouraging technology transfer and raising funds.
  • Enhancing global visibility through dissemination of research information, generating publications, promoting awareness through seminars, conferences, workshops, gatherings, media/publicity, and dedicated websites.
  • Developing research infrastructure, facilities and labs, equipped with ultra-sensitive instruments and equipment for advanced experimentation and high quality research. 
  • Elevating research quality, optimizing faculty research performance,  encouraging excellence attaining technological competence and e-capability.
  • Encouraging humanities, basic and applied sciences research,  with emphasis on resolution of problems, serving national needs, and improving the quality of life.
  • Developing areas of research strength, and achieving scientific distinction through innovation and discovery.


The Academic Publication Council is responsible for:

  • Developing publication policy for the journals issued by  Kuwait University, and overseeing its implementation in all research published by the Council.
  • Defining editing, proofreading and publication standards, including exchange and complimentary editions, and organizing Authorship, Translation & Publication procedures.
  • Ensuring research review and evaluation of scientific papers received, and ensuring journals distribution worldwide.
  • Organizing seminars, workshops and forums and participating in book fairs, exhibitions and national/international events.
  • Nominating  editorial board members for Academic Publication Council and Authorship, Translation & Publication Committee.


The Center for Gulf & Arabian Peninsula Studies is responsible for:

  • Developing bylaws and organizing functional elements to oversee publications,  cultural activities, archives, internet and library resources.
  • Overseeing the preparation and release of Current Events Registry, Special Series,  Conference and Symposia Proceedings, Abstracts Series, etc. 
  • Organizing cultural activities, such as conferences, seminars and symposia, and  participating in  book fairs.
  • Developing an archive based   on   local    and regional   events,  through requisite documentation,  research and  analysis, news and media reports, and moving towards e-archiving.
  • Highlighting rich history of the State of Kuwait and its positive role    and   contributions   in all fields in the Region.
  • Encouraging research studies and surveys on regional  environmental concerns,  and  addressing  Region’s  endowments and resources.
  • Recording current events through scientific analysis, and generating publications in diverse forms, with emphasis on Gulf studies.
  • Developing library resource through resource acquisitions, such as books, references, periodicals, maps and documents concerning  Gulf and Arabian Peninsula to meet research and scholarly needs. Also,  maintaining  statistical data, ministerial and govt. reports,  National Assembly minutes since 1995.