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 Research Sector's latest publications include:

• OVPR Research Newsletter, November 2017-- Released by the OVPR in November 2017: the Research Newsletter featured the most significant research achievements that took place following the Golden Jubilee celebrations phase, with Kuwait University is headed towards a new era of opportunity and challenges for achieving research excellence and sustainable growth, developing creative thinking, enhancing scientific innovation, and establishing a knowledge-based economy. The Newsletter started with the VPR’s message, infusing greater vitality in faculty research for attaining new levels of scientific growth, improving research quality and achieving outputs of international credibility and impact, as well as enhancing postgraduate research and harnessing their creative pulse in materializing and investing innovative ideas into entrepreneurial culture. The Bulletin also featured a comprehensive coverage of the Scientific Posters events for Humanities and Scientific faculties, the joint KU-KPI seminar on “Current Challenges and Future Prospects for the Oil Industry”, RIG orientation session and RS multi-awards ceremony for felicitating the distinguished researchers and graduate project prize winners, recipients of US registered patents. Also featured in this edition was the 13th consignment of the Distinguished Series featuring summary reports of the research reward incentive winners for their distinguished accomplishments from funded and unfunded research, as well as excellence in project final report. The Bulletin also covered the SPSS workshop, the inauguration of Equate’s Innovation Center, several visiting delegations from various academic and research institutions, OVPR’s publications, a statistical outlook of faculty research from 1/9/2016 to 31/8/2017.  For readers’ information, Research Newsletter, November 2017 edition, can be accessed online on OVPR website: ( Published & Released (Arabic and English).


• Scientific Committee Guidelines, 2012 -- Released in September 2012, the Scientific Research Committees Guidelines, 2012,  provides an update on current requirements and responsibilities of faculty and departmental research committees, with relevant reformations, deemed necessary. The guide  outlines  Faculty Research Committee's sphere of functionality concerning research projects and implementation process at departmental and faculty levels.  The guidelines specify requirements for formation of faculty and departmental research committees,  including their  mission, functions and responsibilities.  The overall system  evolved by  RS, delineates  major responsibilities and procedures applicable to research proposals submitted for funding support. The updated guidelines were released in September 2012, and also displayed on OVPR website. Published (in Arabic and English).


• Researcher Awards, 2014 -- Released in September 2014, this Arabic/English document  provides updated information on the earlier 2014 edition of the Researchers Awards. The document outlines the process, procedure and requirements of Distinguished and Best Young Researchers Awards, for faculty members’ outstanding research accomplishments in basic and  applied sciences, and  in arts & humanities.  A total of 10 awards are distributed annually, 6 in the Distinguished Researchers category, and 4 in the Best Young Researchers category. The review criteria for evaluating the awards nominees has been streamlined, with  point-based system applied for selection of winners. This criteria, approved by the University Council in July 2009, continues to be applied for review and identification of top nominees under both categories of awards.  The updated document has been released, and the latest requirements are being implemented for inviting faculty new nominations for Distinguished & Best Young Researchers awards. Published (in Arabic and English).


• Graduate Students Project Prize 2015 –- Released in January 2015, this Arabic/English  brochure updates the earlier 2012 edition of the Graduate Students Project Prize, awarded to postgraduate students, pursuing Master's and Ph.D. research at Kuwait University. A total of six prizes are awarded annually, 4 for Master's students and 2 for Ph.D. students in the broad fields of arts & humanities, and in basic & applied sciences. The awards are specifically meant for encouraging scientific thinking among the graduate students’ community, with meritorious research accomplishments being the measure for selecting the prize winners,  based on standard awards criteria, approved by  the Deans Committee in May 2008.  This criteria continues to be implemented for the evaluation of students prize nominees each year. The updated 2015 document has been released, and is accessible on OVPR website.  Published (in Arabic and English).


• Priority Research Areas 2018 -- Released in 2018, the booklet featured the priority research areas recently identified in 15 major fields with various sub-fields. The document is a handy reference for researchers, covering the most critical scientific areas currently being addressed in faculty research. Faculties are constantly encouraged to submit research proposals within these areas as Priority Research is packaged with additional privileges provided for both project and researchers, full details of which are available in this document released in July 2018. For readers’ information, Priority Research Areas booklet can be accessed online on OVPR website. Published & Released (Arabic and English).


• Research Initiation Grant (RIG), 2013 – Released in September 2013: Research Initiation Guide (RIG) provides an update on the RIG incentives grants, awarded to new Kuwaiti faculty members, joining various faculties/departments at the Assistant Professor’s level. The Guide outlines eligibility requirements for RIG grants, including budgetary categories and limitations, project duration, research implementation procedures, and submission of research report at the end of the project, opening opportunities  for researchers to  apply for well-planned comprehensive studies. A visual outlook of RIG Application processing plan is also provided, with stages outlined through which the project eventually matures to completion within 12 months. RIG 2013 has been released, and also  displayed on OVPR website. Published (in English and Arabic). 


• Scientific Posters Booklets, 2018 (Humanities and Sciences) -- RS regularly documents the scientific posters displayed at its annual Scientific Posters Day events, held this year on March 7th, 2018 for Humanities faculties and on March 14th, 2018 for Sciences. The displayed posters reflected latest research and scientific creativity of faculties based on their ongoing and accomplished research, which resulted in generating separate two booklets. The first booklet encompasses 90 posters displayed at the Humanities Posters event from five the faculties (Arts, Education, Business Administration, Sharia & Islamic Studies, and Social Sciences), while the second features 138 posters displayed at the Sciences Posters event collectively highlighting the research activity  of five faculties (Engineering & Petroleum, Science, Computing Sciences &  Engineering, Life Sciences) in addition to KISR.   The documents included faculty-wise posters, in miniature format, constituting a record of vital information on latest research activity of faculty members, teaching assistants and graduate students. For readers’ information, Scientific Posters Booklets, 2018 can be accessed online on OVPR website. Published & Released (Arabic and English).


• RS Annual Report 2015/2016 : Prepared in January 2017, the RS accomplishments report 2015/2016 provides an annual outlook of Research Sector’s initiatives, developments and achievements during academic year 2015/2016, duly supported by statistics. The document highlights new initiatives, agreements and areas of growth in faculty research, unfolding a progressive view of ongoing programs, with emphasis on innovative and collaborative ventures, alongside the strengthening and sustenance of quality in faculty research, and continuity of the rewards incentive as stimulus for quality and excellence in published research, as  strategic moves to enhance KU’s international presence. The document enlists 682 projects in various stages of progress, completion and review, highlighting collaborative dimensions in faculty research. The report also reflects on scientific missions and manpower employed on projects, incentives, awards, rewards, and patents achieved in recognition of faculty members distinguished research, as well as annual round of RIG and SPSS sessions, scientific poster day activity for humanities and scientific faculties, seminars organized, delegates received and publications released. The report was published and released in Arabic and English.


• OVPR/RS Website Flyer 2014 –- Redesigned with updated information and new outlook, and with administrative website assuming new identity and nomenclature as Research Sector (RS), the twin OVPR and RS websites remained the dynamic hubs of latest  information on scientific developments at Kuwait University,  necessitating generation of a new flyer,  appropriately reflecting  institutional  scientific programs, policy and accomplishments for global outreach.  The websites consistently  remained under gross updating with the inclusion of newly launched programs, holding  scientific events,  workshops and  seminars, reporting major happenings, and introducing e-application for grant support to facilitate researchers. Also,  included was  the e-manual on research support rules and regulations, and a direct access-link to collaborative research websites, apart from presenting exhaustive listing of research rewards incentive  recipients  for funded, unfunded and meritorious project final reports,    and information on new partnerships and agreements reached, significantly enhancing KU’s presence and profile  in a new updated  2014 outlook of the OVPR/RS websites. The statistics and publications on the OVPR websites are periodically refreshed,  exhibiting the extent of faculty research in progress, while new publications released by RS unfold the vast and extensive sphere of research programs, priorities, and accomplishments  at KU. The flyer redefines the visual outlook of the websites,  profiling the sweeping world of faculty research at KU, with its enriched substance and content adding enhanced value  to the information displayed for global access and outreach.   Published (in English and Arabic).


• Released in September 2013 -- the third edition of the manual of research support rules & regulations, presents an enlarged, updated and concise information on currently applicable grant support procedures and process, in conformity to new policy reformations, emerging requirements and inclusion of additional elements, deemed necessary for researchers information and benefit. An additional chapter 13 has been included in the manual, outlining new Articles 52, 53, 54, 55 and 56, describing the eligibility and entitlements of research rewards and incentives for funded and unfunded research, and for excellent rating in project final report. Clarifications and additions have also been incorporated as regards the RS’s Implementation Committee’s role during the summer months (June 1 through Oct.1) of each academic year, the refereeing process, research reports & productivity, purchase, manpower, scientific missions, transfer of budgetary allocations, etc. , to facilitate researchers in acquiring clear understandings of the clauses currently applicable at each step and stage of the research awards process. Overall, the third edition profiles an exhaustive view of the entire procedural  framework of the research support system, for the researchers to be knowledgeable and well informed of the procedural implications, regulating all aspects of the research support process. Prepared in bilingual Arabic/English formats, the manual serves as a handy reference for the faculty researchers, to develop their research proposals in compliance to KU latest policy and regulations. Published (in English and Arabic).


• Sponsored Research 2014/15 -- Sponsored Research 2014/15 is 19th in the series of annual documentation of faculty research activity, spanning the period September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015, with an analytical perspective on all ongoing and completed projects by faculties, graduate students and joint research. The document is organized into three major sections, with Section – I focusing on KU sponsored projects, Section – II on jointly awarded grants, and Section – III on graduate students awards, to facilitate information access, with projects data organized by faculties & departments, inclusive of research title, project team, budget, starting date and duration. The titles provide interesting insights into dominating themes actively be g researched at KU during 2014/15. The statistics on faculty research are appended to the document, as also the Researchers Index, facilitating cross-referencing of research by faculty researchers. The document was distributed throughout faculties, institutions and key recipients, and displayed on OVPR website. Published (in English).


• Manual of Research Core Facilities, 2008 – A reference guide on world-class lab resources at the Health Sciences Center, equipped with ultra-sensitive instruments  and equipment for accomplishing high quality research. The document aggregates specific information on instruments, their location and contact source,  for utilizing RCF facility. The manual was released in Dec. 2008.

• Kuwait University at a Glance 2017/18 -- Released in September 2018, the document is one of KU’s vital publications, presenting a distinct dimension of institutional vision and ideology, as well as academic, administrative and research processes in different sectors of Kuwait University, in an inclusive document that dynamically reflects KU’s strategic development and distinguished profile for global outreach. Glance 2017-18 unfolds an empirical outlook of the programs quality and competence, and procedural mechanism efficiency, forming a dynamic and distinguished academic entity. The document’s periodic responsibility is consistently being delegated to RS with the President’s approval since the launching of premier issue of Glance in 2005, followed by the second issue in 2009 and the third issue in 2014. Recently, RS mobilized its resources for an intense information gathering for the fourth issue of Glance,  seeking  critical  information directly from all faculties and institutional sectors, units and centers, for generating a strategic and integrated document encompassing the entire ramifications of  institutional programs, resources, facilities, students, and  activities, within the scope of a single document. The information gathering and updating phase was initiated in June 2016, followed by the content envisioning and reviewing process, starting with the president’s vision, organization, strategic plan, and academic & research procedures of various faculties and sectors, in addition to institutional goals and aspirations ahead. Published & Released (Arabic and English).



• August 2010, Research Services Unit information guide outlines the mission, objectives and responsibilities of the newly approved infrastructural entity, under the jurisdiction of the Office of Vice President for Research. The Unit is functionally responsible for offering consultative services to faculty members, facilitating investment of research outputs, and achieving the goals of research excellence through partnerships, resources, collaborations and technology transfer. The Unit oversees research marketing, develop scientific and technical coordination with research institutions, both locally and externally, and generate funds for the pursuit of specialized research. The document provides handy information on the Unit’s scope and functions, and is integrated with the RS’s Office of External Research Collaboration. Published (in English and Arabic).



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Oxentia, Oxford’s Global Innovation Consultancy is carrying out a visit to Kuwait University


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RS organizes a workshop on Research Initiation Grant (RIG), orienting new faculty members to the facility of grant awards at KU


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