October 2015 

Vice President’s Message

Research Sector’s mission ahead would be to oversee continuity of established programs

It is with a deep sense of gratitude and honor that I assume the responsibilities of Kuwait University’s Research Sector, as Vice President for Research, with a commitment to develop the realms of institutional research towards new levels of growth, credibility and excellence. These elements would be the core objectives of our strategy in realizing Kuwait University’s vision and aspirations for advancing higher education, and globalizing institutional research. With this ambition, I welcome the faculty research community, at the onset of the new academic year 2015/16, assuring that our mission ahead would oversee the continuity of established programs in an environment that transpires innovation, improves the quality of research, and adds new dimensions to existing knowledge. RS efforts would be to foresee the development of a vibrant research more...



KU President inaugurates RS annual Poster Day for Scientific faculties, with 2015-16 event bringing together researchers from mainstream sciences colleges, alongside KISR’s participants

Displayed posters unveil a wealth of information for creative minds to develop new concepts and probe issues that continue to challenge science, society and mankind



In continuing a mission that started seven years ago for bringing together faculty researchers from different disciplinary streams for joint display of their latest research activity, the Research Sector (RS) is registering reassuring signals about the faculty members enhanced receptivity towards exhibiting their scientific accomplishments on the posters platform, with much larger volume of posters displayed in this year’s more...



Under the Patronage of KU President, RS hosts the Scientific Poster Day for Humanities & Social Sciences faculties, for the academic year 2015-16

RS enlists the participation of six colleges in jointly displaying 60 posters at the 2016 humanities & social sciences posters event



Under the patronage of Kuwait University President, Prof. Hussein Al-Ansari, the Research Sector (RS) organized academic year 2015-16 Scientific Poster Day event for Humanities and Social Sciences faculties, amidst a gathering of top executives, faculty members, researchers, participants and viewers. The event held at the Abdulla Al-Jabir Theatre Hall, Shuwaikh campus, on March 21, 2016, and provided a legitimate platform for the humanities & social sciences sector, bringing together researchers from six colleges for the collective display of 60 posters more...


Research cooperation and partnership between KU and PAAET on elevating educational level and exchanging expertise

Signing an MOU paves the way towards finding proper solutions for development issues and concerns in the State of Kuwait



In a special ceremony, prof. Hussain Al-Ansari, KU president, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training represented by Dr. Ahmad Al-Athari, on Thursday March 3, 2016, at 11.30 a.m., in the hall of the University Board of Trustees. more...


Vice President for Research presents current outlook and status of scientific research at Kuwait University, with a focus on ongoing and completed projects in the priority areas of energy and water

A widely representative team of academia & researchers from UK and Kuwait come together to present, debate and discuss diverse dimensions of “Water & Clean Energy,” in a Symposium organized by the British Council



Within the framework of Research and Science Collaboration Symposium, organized by the British Council, a widely representative team of academia and researchers from UK and Kuwait came together on a common platform to present, debate and discuss diverse dimensions of the “Water & Clean Energy,” a strategic resource for sustenance and human survival. The key participants in the symposium included Kuwait University, KISR, KFAS, KOC and PAAET, alongside representatives from Research Councils more...


Research Sector organizes an enlightening session on Research Initiation Grants (RIG), orienting new Kuwaiti faculty members to the facility of grant awards at KU

Prof. Taher presents key elements of research support policy, programs, and fundamentals of RIG Grants



Within the framework of Research Sector’s (RS) key programs, the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) organized an orientation session for new Kuwaiti faculty members at the Assistant Professor’s level, to familiarize them with the prevailing scientific environment at Kuwait University, and opportunities for initiating their research activity under the privilege of Research Initiation Grant (RIG), an integral part of the Research Support System. The session, held in-keeping with RS annual commitment to induct new faculty members within the mainstream of scientific research, was hosted by the Vice President for Research, Prof. Taher Al-Sahhaf, and attended by his assistants, Prof. Yousuf Garashi, and Dr. Layla Marouf, along with the participation of 47 new faculty members more...


RS Annual Summary Report



The RS Accomplishments 2014/15, provides an annual activity-profile of Research Sector’s initiatives, development and achievements during the academic year 2014/15, duly supported by statistics, validating growth in faculty research, highlighting progress in ongoing programs, and encouraging high quality ventures, in the pursuit of attaining international recognition and accreditation. The document enlists 686 projects in various stages of progress and review, reflecting 4% growth in faculty research, and highlighting collaborative dimensions in faculty research. The statistical data further provided analytical insights into faculties participation in funded research, the types of grants awarded, the productivity levels attained, the quality and scientific impact of published research, based on their inclusion in international, JCR indexed journals. The report also included a series of incentives, awards and rewards, annually distributed by RS in recognition of faculty members and graduate students distinguished  esearch, as well as annual round of sessions, events and seminars organized by RS, and visiting delegations received for scientific coordination and exchange. Also, enlisted were the latest publications released by RS, as well as the upcoming documents earmarked for 2016/17. The websites (OVPR/RS) content was further enriched with additional elements, including provision of online search and access facility on KU research developments, programs, and opportunities for scientific collaboration. Prepared (English and Arabic)





KU President's publication

"Kuwait University at a Glance," 2013/14, released


The Research Sector’s consistent efforts towards dynamic portrayal of Kuwait University for global readership, crystallized into a compelling document, Kuwait University at a Glance, 2013/14, unfolding the institutional vision for achieving competitive world standing on grounds of quality and excellence of its academic and research programs, distinguished faculty, and graduates caliber. Presenting an explicit outlook of KU President’s aspirations and views on developing the institution as a hub of scientific creativity and excellence, more...



Statistics on Total Ongoing, Completed and
Under-process Projects by Faculties
Academic Year 2014/15

(September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015)

Total Research Activity


Projects by Faculties


Project by Funding Levels

Projects by Funding Source

Projects by Type of Grants

Published Papers
7-years (2009 - 2015)





APC releases  Vol. 42, No. 60, January 2016 issue of the Journal of Gulf & Arabian Peninsula Studies


APC releases Volume 40, March 2016, Issue No.1 of the Journal of Law


APC Releases Volume 34, No. 134, Spring 2016 Issue of the Arab Journal for the Humanities


APC releases Vol. 30, Issue 103 of the Journal of Sharia & Islamic Studies


APC releases Vol. 31, Issue 104 of the Journal of Sharia & Islamic Studies


APC releases December 2015, Volume 36 of the Annals of Arts and Social Sciences


APC releases March 2016, Volume 36 of the Annals of Arts and Social Sciences


Malaysian Delegation visits OVPR


Research Sector receives Prof. Bernard Mozer from Cardiff University, UK


Vice President for Research inaugurates 21st Annual Posters Conference organized by the Faculty of Medicine